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Cultivating awareness...
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Welcome to Village Yoga.
We feel passionate about sharing the power and potential of this transformative practice as a lifelong journey. We  offer a peaceful, friendly and non-competitive practice environment for all levels of ability. We believe that yoga can be practiced and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.  We appreciate that people come to yoga for different reasons and with varied needs and aspirations. Our aim is to encourage your unique potential and to support you in finding the classes, teachers, and approaches that will best meet your needs and inspire your yogic path.

We also seek to support steady and committed practice, which we believe is key to cultivating strength and flexibility, as well as to developing greater self-awareness and deeper integration of body, heart and mind.  Through the process and practice of developing and deepening awareness, we learn the art of fully inhabiting ourselves and our lives, for our own and for other’s benefit. We begin to draw on the strength and wisdom that steady practice provides, allowing us to  more skillfully navigate the ongoing changes and challenges of our lives. To reinforce that growth, we believe that our practice doesn’t end when we step off the mat. We encourage the deeper integration by taking our open-hearted awareness, freshly awakened vitality, and intention for goodness, off the mat and into the world.          

We are currently offering Kripalu, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Mindfulness Yoga, and Meditation. We offer group classes as well as individual yoga instruction. Individual yoga sessions are designed specifically to meet your needs, and can be very fruitful for those who are new to yoga, those looking to deepen their existing  practice and skills, or for those recovering from illness and/or injury. We also offer monthly workshops and events that create opportunities for community building and for developing greater depth in both the study and practice of yoga.

Village Yoga also has a unique setup, as our studio is integrated with The Center for Mindful Health, a collaborative of health and wellness providers offering both traditional and complementary health services in the same location. If you would like to enjoy a relaxing massage or a Reiki session before or after your yoga class, the appointment can be scheduled to allow a seamless transition from one to the other. To view the services offered visit us here at: www.mindfulhealthkennebunk.com

We hope you will join us for a class in our beautiful sunny studio. We are conveniently located in the Lower Village of Kennebunk, just minutes from Dock Square, with plenty of free parking.